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Programs and Certificates

If you're interested in exploring topics related to world cultures and diversity, 51׻ has many options for tailoring your degree.

Africana Studies

Minor / Morgantown

The Africana Studies program offers a multidisciplinary minor, which seeks to analyze the African world experience from the point of view of African people and those of African descent.

Arabic Studies

Minor / Morgantown

The minor in Arabic will provide you the opportunity to to gain basic skills in the Arabic language and culture. Studying Arabic and learning about the Arabic-speaking world is of increasing importance in today's society. A minor in Arabic complements any major field.

Chinese Studies

Minor / Morgantown

Chinese is currently spoken by nearly one-fifth of the world’s population, including over one billion people speaking Chinese as their native language. Studying Chinese will prepare you for the opportunities and challenges involving the greater China region and to participate in the global socio-political and economic arena.


Minor / Morgantown

The program provides the ideal place for you to delve into the exciting and vibrant French world. In this program, you can acquire or hone the four language skills (oral comprehension, reading, speaking and writing) while also expanding your knowledge of French and Francophone culture and literature.

Global Mountaineers Certificate

Certificate / Morgantown

The Global Mountaineers Certificate program provides 51׻ undergraduate students the opportunity to develop global competencies by building core skills, knowledge and applications without adding significant time to degree.

LGBTQ+ Studies

Minor / Morgantown

The minor in LGBTQ+ Studies will critically examine the relationship between queer, sexual and gender identities, experiences, cultures and communities in a wide range of historical and political contexts, and investigate the intersections with other social categories, such as race, ethnicity, class, disability, veteran status, national origin and religion.

Native American Studies

Minor / Morgantown

Native American Studies (NAS) is an interdisciplinary academic program in the Eberly College of Arts and Sciences. The NAS minor curriculum is designed to help students develop a greater respect for and understanding of diverse Native cultures by providing historical context and contemporary perspectives.

Religious Studies

Minor / Morgantown

The program for religious studies offers instruction in the history and practice of many world religions including Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and Near Eastern traditions.


Minor / Morgantown

Not only will Spanish prepare you for living in an increasingly global society, but you also will develop a better understanding of other peoples´ values and beliefs, and ultimately, a better knowledge of your own culture.

Women’s and Gender Studies

Major and Minor / Morgantown

Women’s and Gender Studies examines the contributions, perspectives, experiences, roles and status of individuals within an historical and multicultural framework. Challenging stereotypes, our students explore the ways gender, socioeconomic class, sexual identity, race, ethnicity and age shape experience.